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Different Strokes

Answers to the Perplexing Differences
Between Americans and Canadians

After having written four books about Canadian explorers for use in elementary schools, Janet became curious about the differences between Americans and Canadians. Could the differences be from their beginnings? Her science training led her to do research to prove her theory. Janet wrote the Bayfield Business Retention and Expansion Report 2010, which became the model for future reports in Huron County. Wayne Walden, former Head of Social Science at Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute, says, “Different Strokes is certainly one of the best clear analyses of our nations I have ever seen”.

Drawing on the research of eminent historians, Different Strokes explains the differences between Americans and Canadians from the outset of settlement to the continuingly perplexing differences we see today. The book looks at the differences from the beginning and then pinpoints the divergences over the passage of time and varying circumstances. The common explanation that America was peopled by Revolutionaries and Canada by Loyalists is far too simplistic; in fact, the real story is far more complicated and much more interesting. Different Strokes tells the compelling story of how the differences between Americans and Canadians developed over time.