Explorers of the Pacific Northwest

Explorers of the Pacific Northwest

These explorers lent their names to so many places in Western Canada, that they are household names. Vancouver Island, the City of Vancouver, the Fraser River, the Mackenzie River and Cook Inlet are all named for the explorers of the Pacific Northwest. The book tells the stories behind the names. Trek with Mackenzie over land to Bella Coola and the Pacific Ocean; paddle with Fraser on his harrowing journey through Hell’s Gate on the Fraser River en route to Georgia Strait; meet the Nootka people with Cook at Nootka Sound; chart the waters of Johnstone Strait in open boats with Vancouver; and meet the many Native peoples along the way that sustained and guided these explorers on their journeys of discovery. The history of the Pacific Northwest is alive with adventure, vision, daring, intelligence, strength and nerve.

It is Canadian history.

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